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At Inicio, we are dedicated to creating stunning home interiors that transform your living spaces into luxurious havens. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for refinement, we curate personalized environments that reflect your unique style and vision.

Prepare to be immersed in a world of exceptional design as our visionary experts redefine sophistication. Embrace effortless elegance as we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with timeless beauty. Whether it's designing your dream home or creating inspiring spaces for businesses, Inicio turns every project into a captivating masterpiece.

Discover the joy of luxurious living with Inicio, where style and affordability come together in perfect harmony.

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At Inicio, we curate an extensive range of personalized home decor solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

Home Interior

Infuse your living spaces with personality and charm with Inicio's bespoke interior design solutions. Collaborate with experienced interior designers who will guide you through the entire process, from conceptualization to execution, to create a personalized and functional living space.

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Transform your space with Inicio's cutting-edge painting and texture services. Our experienced team will bring your vision to life with colour consultation, precise execution, and final touches. Explore a diverse collection of wall paintings, textures, wall art & stencil services which are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and expression to your walls.

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Our wallpaper service offers an extensive range of options to suit every taste and interior style. Explore our vast collection of patterns, ranging from classic damask and floral motifs to contemporary geometric and abstract designs. You can choose from an array of colours and shades, enabling you to coordinate with your existing décor or make a bold statement.

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Wood Coating Services

Provide a protective and aesthetic solution for enhancing the appearance and durability of wooden surfaces. Whether it's furniture, flooring, cabinetry, or exterior structures, wood coatings play a crucial role in preserving the natural beauty of wood while safeguarding it from various environmental factors.

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False Ceiling

Elevate your home's ambiance with our expertly crafted modern False Ceilings. Our product range includes plaster board, metal framing & accessories, gypsum plaster, jointing & finishing, and ceiling tiles.
Let our team of experts guide you through the design process, recommending suitable materials and delivering flawless installations. Transform your ceiling into a focal point of your interior design, with enhanced lighting, acoustic control, and concealed wiring options. Experience architectural beauty and practical benefits with our exquisite False Ceilings.

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Restoration & Exterior Painting

At Inicio, we offer a comprehensive solution to revitalize and enhance your exteriors. Our professionals rejuvenate aging surfaces, assess structures, prepare surfaces, and expertly apply high-quality paint or coatings for long-lasting results. Restoration and exterior painting services can transform your property, giving it a fresh, vibrant look while providing protection from the elements.

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Embracing a unified vision with Infra.Market

Infra.Market aims to be India's largest construction materials brand, revolutionizing the supply chain. With exceptional profitability and remarkable year-on-year growth, this fast-growing unicorn is revolutionizing the construction ecosystem through tech innovation.


Inicio is a distinguished home decor company that brings your visionary dreams to life with bespoke solutions. With a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance, we create luxurious home interiors and inspiring commercial spaces.

INICIO, derived from the Latin word meaning 'inspire, is not just a brand name but a reflection of our purpose. Our tagline, 'Initiate good things,' embodies our vision of revolutionizing the renovation of homes across India.

Inicio offers a wide range of tailored home decor solutions including-
Painting Services
Wood polishing
Waterproofing Solutions
POP & False Ceiling Solutions
Home Interior
Restoration and Exterior painting services

Infra.Market, an innovative Indian B2B e-commerce platform offering a wide range of high-quality construction materials has introduced their new venture- Inicio which offers home decor and interior designing services.

Infra.Market is a pioneering B2B e-commerce platform in India that offers a vast selection of premium construction materials, procured directly from leading manufacturers, thereby revolutionizing the traditional supply chain, in the construction industry.