Crafting Your Dream Home: A DIY Interior Decoration Guide

DIY interior decoration, anyone? While it does sound exciting, let’s take it slowly. For the process is still time-consuming and you need to keep your wits together. You have so many ideas brewing up in your mind, but choose the ones that can uplift your home without spending a bomb. You can even start with a Pinterest mood board or ‘to-buy’ list ready!

It is advisable to plan the selection of home interiors cautiously. Before you embark on this project, chalk out the what, where, and how of interior design.

These are some of the best home decorating tips to enable you to make smart and informed decisions:

Take the Measurements

You must be eager to go store-hopping to buy the furniture, tapestry, upholstery, and ornamental accessories. However, don’t forget to take the measurements of all rooms. For example, living room décor usually comprises a sofa set, television cabinet, bookshelf, coffee table, and maybe even a dining table. So, measure the length and width of the room/windows/entrance or balcony doors, floor-to-ceiling height, and other scales and proportions. This way, you will buy the right size of décor.

Decide the Placement of Furniture

Let’s say, you are looking for a bedroom décor. Apart from taking measurements, you should also plan how you want to place the bed, wardrobe, dressing table, bedside tables, etc. Visualize how your room may look with the furniture you choose or better yet look out for a brand or a store that has virtual reality-based technology to help you. You can have a clear picture in your head, as you select the interiors and match it up with the decor.

Fix a Budget

As much as you would like to flaunt the most beautiful interiors, remember you cannot just choose it all. You have to stay within a budget, one that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket while still giving you the comfort you deserve. Also, if you want to stay relevant with an out-of-the-box idea, it is wise to plan how much you want to spend on exactly what kind of interiors. Make up your mind, and prioritize which statement piece you really need and which you can do without.

Research and Compare

There are several Interior design elements that you should consider while renovating your home. From the colour palette, art, and accessories to lighting, textures, patterns and space, you need to find that perfect balance. Be patient as it can be a tiring process to check out everything you want across different décor stores, both offline and online. Compare the prices and features. Don’t underestimate any brand, because you never know what goodies you might discover on the way!

But if you can’t dedicate time and effort, that is not a problem as well. Just hire a professional interior design contractor or a company. They will give you the best recommendations within your budget, do all the groundwork, and take you through the whole process from start to finish of the home interiors just the way you envisioned.

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