Revitalize Your Space: 5 Tips For Perfect Wall Paint Colours

There was a time when the colour scheme of the home wasn’t much looked upon. Most houses were just simply walls and columns put together and that’s it. The dreary and humble POP of the past is no more the go-to design for many people and that’s not without a reason. With more and more families turning to their humble abode for a safe space, a workspace and utilizing it in a myriad of other ways, it makes sense to paint walls with colors that set your mood for the day. From showing off your bold personality to transforming your walls into attractive pieces of art, choosing the perfect wall paint colours is a must.

So, let’s consider these five amazing tips for that perfectly painted wall:

1. Choose the Right Paint Finish

You must be wondering, why think about the paint finish first? Well, here's something to ponder: most people don't repaint their homes frequently. Therefore, picking a paint finish that doesn't compliment your decor or, even worse, clashes with it can lead to a significant waste of time, effort, and money. Ultimately, the final outcome is the look you're aiming for, and it should end with a paint finish that increases the longevity and appeal of your home. You can opt for high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, flat, matte, or eggshell paint finishes. Shiny finishes work well in high-traffic areas, while matte finishes create a clean and sophisticated look for your decor.

2. Protect with Interior Wall Paints

If you are not that invested in choosing an interior wall paint, the usual white or beige will do, but if you want to give your home a unique touch, then you need to research a bit. For high-traffic areas susceptible to grime, using enamel paints as an outer coat for walls is a good option. Otherwise, you can also look into other paint options like oil, emulsion, whitewash, acrylic and distemper.

3. Be Experimental

The temptation to opt for classic or traditional colors like whites, grays, yellows, and neutrals is quite compelling, given their compatibility with various furniture styles. But, have you considered experimenting with bold or unconventional hues to infuse vibrancy into your living space? In today's contemporary homes, it's all about breaking away from the ordinary!

4. Don’t Hold Back on the Colour Theme

Think of your walls as a painting canvas that you have to bring alive with a splash of colour. A monochromatic palette has its charm, but colour pairings can be an interesting upgrade too. You can pair cool hues like blues and greens, warm hues like beiges and browns or even contrasting colours such as pastels and darks.

A few combinations you can try are muted blue + red, olive green + cream, soft pink + turquoise, coral + lilac, etc. Let your imagination flow; remember, the sky’s the limit.

5. Paint the Ceiling

There is no doubt that white is the best interior paint for ceilings as it lets the light bounce in the room, goes well with all colours and gives a sense of extra space or height. However, if you have a large room with a heightened ceiling, you can ditch the white for a darker shade. You can even make your ceiling look spectacular with mural artwork! Beautiful, right?

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